Thoughts about the movie: Me before you

me_before_you_28film29Article contains spoilers so please do not proceed if you want actually see the movie first.

We watched yesterday this movie and it’s quite unusual movie that puts one certainly to think.

Main characters four limbs have been paralyzed except for one finger. He has experienced a lot in life despite his relatively young age and yet he does not see life worth living for even though he speaks of potential. He does not see the point of living unless he can experience it with the intensity he did before the unfortunate accident, so he wishes to die rather than live so called joyless life.

This is a scenario that could happen to anyone. Main character also had possibilities due to his wealth, yet he saw the wealth only as a way to joy and he did not see any way he himself could contribute with his current existence, even though he already had started to contribute on a small scale when he made the life of a girl more richer in terms of experience.

Then he chose death. At least he did not choose to do it hastily as he had given six months warning to his parents. Yet somehow I do think that he gave up on life a bit too easily. I say this because he still had his ability to think and speak and there alone is great potential for creative effort as well as enlightening others. This he could’ve done easily, yet he somehow viewed the life from the point of experiencing joy versus experiencing suffering.

Of course I am no-one to judge in this kind of position, but I too have thought about this kind of worst case. Human has astounding resilience for life and although we should enjoy life, it is through the good deeds we are remembered. In the movie Will Traynor changed drastically the course of one, yet I think he could’ve done more and even had some joy doing it.

Greatest joy is the joy of giving after all.

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