Other side of growth is recuperation

evening-sky-141797_1920Yesterday was last day to work for the next four weeks. Most of the people started their well earned summer vacation. July is still the most popular summer vacation month in Finnish business world.

As a parting words at Trainers’ House Max Henttu talked about cyclic nature of life. I am quite of sensitive to these kinds of things, and this cyclic nature of life has been something that I’ve been contemplating before. So this was like a fresh summer rain for the seeds that started to grow quite rapidly. More in just a moment.

So I have now four weeks of free time, which for most of my ambitions is really short time and I recognize this. I do not have much plans, aside from spending some time in the summer cottage, picking up blueberries and mushrooms. I enjoy the summer here in Finland, it’s luxurious not too hot just right breeze of wind, feels cool. I like shadows and breeze of wind rather than scorching sun.

These thoughts weren’t yet yesterday in my mind as many people were asking about my plans: nothing much came to my mind and that started to feel stressing. What’s the point to stress about vacation?

Even this morning I was considering my options and I am quite happy where I am right now.

The seeds of thought about yesterday’s orientation for the vacation have grown quite a bit. I started thinking what is indeed the other side of growth?

Growth. How do things even grow? It takes time to grow for sure. There was a metaphor in a book few days ago, loosely translated as “old trees grow slowest” when talked about particular Finnish author Sakari Pälsi. Really sweet words.

It put me to think, is it really so that the oldest trees grow slow? Quick Googing did not yield reliable results top three hits were kind of contradictory so I did not come to a definite conclusion. As a nature person I believe it solely depends on the trees and the environment, adaptation is necessary.

I think the tree metaphor is so nice for a human growth as well. As I was pondering about this topic in the morning I came to understand that the other side of growth is recuperation, saving the energy for a more suitable time to grow and probably doing some inner reflection. Growing fast or slow does not matter, as long as we are able to grow towards the meaningful direction.

For me, I have to learn to value the recuperation as much as growth.

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