Keep calm and listen (to yourself)


When feeling tired and you don’t know what you should? What you should do is just to listen yourself.

This morning as I was going to my work, I noticed several voices in my head. Some are the advise and demands of others, while there is one voice that just tries to get heard, but cannot and thus has to use other kinds of methods such as pain or tiredness to try to communicate.

Then I realize, hey maybe I should just shut up for a moment and try to listen? Then I start to notice and hear, oh yeah well maybe there are things I could do better for myself.

It can happen that we are used to serving some voices, those voices are not ourselves at all.

We can forget ourselves.

Therefore it’s important to sit quietly to realize whose life exactly we are living and how we are living it. It’s important to give ourselves the most important conscious time as well, the time where we can listen.

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