Better tomorrow for all humanity with the power of stories and imagination

In the book Brief History of Human Kind Yuval Harari explains very well how human societies run around imaginary ideas also known as money, company or nations. In the core of every imaginary thing is a story.

Stories are those forces which connect people for believed benefit. People who lead with stories are leaders, the more buzz, passion and energy around a story we can create, the greater the movement will become. Stories become greater than any man. Creators of the stories may have been long gone, yet great leaders and read the depth of the story and the culture and to add or change that story as the ages demand.

I.e. some of the greatest human achievements such as space programs have mobilized whole nations.

Yet it’s just nations when it could be whole world. There is still so much potential to be fulfilled.

Great stories such as money, keep benefiting whole humanity through the increase of collaboration, trade and business. Yet some of our greatest achievements such as Wikipedia or open source platforms require no money at all and people are working towards those for free.

Money is not basic necessity, water, food and clean air are. So with my thinking I am suggesting, could we prioritize some of our work towards so that we could start meeting those basic needs for the growing population of earth?

Where does that kind of extra productivity spur from? Well I’ve plenty of suggestions stemming from the great achievements of the man itself. If we look world from the orbit, do we see any nation state borders? No.

Indeed. Most of the bureaucratic work effort that is involved with the nation state could be harnessed for even a greater story. Instead of police clerk to work to protect just the citizen of nation from threats why not to protect all people?

We should start rewriting and retelling our stories for the benefit of all humanity.

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