All the decisions we make are the right decisions

Summer is here, unlike in the Game of Thrones season 6 finale. Summer means things like summer vacation in which we’ve a lots of time in our hands. This often times leads to a bit crisis about what to do with our time.

For me it’s mainly exhausting to think what kinds of commitments and claims I’ve made of what I am going to do and I am already feeling bad for everything that I am not being able to do. Cycle of suffering indeed.

Then to add some more spice of suffering here, I also managed to make some decisions: I bought the computer I have been promising myself for the past year. Yay. And of course I am now doubting the decision.

Thankfully, today I decided finally to stop doubting and started enjoying. I watched the TEDx talk by Robin Esrock, where I found this thought about all the decisions we make are right decisions. This is really comforting.

With this, I think I’ll get my writing done during the summer; as well as enjoy some of the mindless gaming I’ve been looking forward to quite a while. Best things in life come in weird combinations. If we do not pursue things that really matters to us, nothing is going to feel really satisfactory.

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