What is success all about?

strawberry-1459569_1920Success is the desired result of an attempt [1]. Often times we deem success only that which has taking years, or decades worth of effort. We are being too harsh.

For each one of us success in indeed different, we have to define what is the desired result, what is the success for us. What is the key for achieving success, achieving the desired result? Energy.

I like the physics definition of energy: the capacity of a body or system to do work. What is work? Simply productive activity. Or in other words ability to deliver the desired results via exertion of energy.

Thinking this about systemic way, it seems to be obvious that success comes from results, that come from work. If we all know this, why only so few are satisfied with their level of success?

I am experiencing unsatisfactory level of success and I have a tendency to analyze things and that’s what I am doing now. On my own part I’ve noticed that most of the suffering is because of the lack of willingness to work very well ahead and on the other hand desiring too much in advance. Energy part crucial, and is the bottleneck.

Energy in human should be pretty simple. Our bodies essentially turns what we eat magically into energy. Then our unconscious runs on the background without any mark and then when we switch our consciousness on that really show on the energy consumption. Our brain consumes up to fifth of our calories and sometimes it is really just a belief that causes this mental exhaustion [2]. I wrote an article while back about our peak performance. However, now I am already in the different paths of thinking, what if the only bottleneck isn’t the physical energy or our ability to produce energy, but a mental one? What if the our beliefs limit us from using our energy?

Success is result(s). Results come from an ability to harness physical and mental energy attempt create the desired results and to shape as well as direct that process.

Next question is that can we consciously shape our mental habits to such direction, which creates both consciously and unconsciously more attempts at work?


[1] http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/success

[2] http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/thinking-hard-calories/

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