What exactly limits our achievement?


This is a topic that of course I just started pursuing and I have no answer. Yet sometimes the questions are as interesting as answers so allow me to elaborate a bit.

In a life there is the daily grind: doing what we need to do to survive.

However, that’s not our best at all. Then the next question is what would be our best and why aren’t we doing it?

First things to come to my mind were fear and habits on an individual level. And why not to change them, because we believe in something? Why do we believe, because of our experience and knowledge so far. So how to start changing the beliefs then? The same way they were acquired in the first place: by testing them, acquiring knowledge and experience, then keeping the ones that work and ditching the ones that don’t.

So in that sense pretty much anyone who has the will to do something differently in the present than in the past already knows this and is here. Yet, something is lacking, what exactly it is that limits us? It’s not the conscious limitations, as much as it is the unconscious possibilities. We do not leverage the unconscious well enough. In fact even so few believe in that which is not conscious. We can consciously compare it in any way we want and yet we cannot grasp what would it be in the action. Difference is between description and actual experience.

We all have unconscious which we are not conscious of. We could start to achieve more, if we would first acknowledge that unconscious could help us.

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