Looks could be helpful for success


Today as I was visiting Tallinn for a day trip from Helsinki, I got to observe quite a bunch of interesting people. One troubadour in particular who entertained us on the way there and also on the way back made me think the lifelong question of success and skills.

My girlfriend made some remarks that the looks could be helpful in this particular journey to the success, and that is indeed an important aspect. Trying to think about this purely in objective terms, good looks are great advantage in marketing yourself in many ways. Likable looks generate effortlessly following, where as recognizable looks become very well known. Many forms of good looks certainly help.

However, when it comes to looks, there are different tastes making it quite subjective. Also a lot of the looks and outer expression is also what I would maybe even call “manufactured”, because it is the conscious process of building style.

Real question is however how to combine, whatever looks you’ve to serve the higher purpose of breaking out with what skills you’ve? I guess in this age this would be called personal branding. What kind of brand strategy to choose? Is it indifferent or active?

Also what to do when the looks or the skills are not with you? I don’t have answers, yet as I said: both are somewhat conscious process. Systemic way to go about it would be to discover some strengths and utilize those!

Just something to think about before going bed, leave comment below to tell your thoughts on the topic.



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