Sometimes distraction is the solution

As I am proceeding on reading the Originals by Adam Grant I also happen to personally experienced the statement in the topic.

Today I finally decided to upgrade my computer, on a whim of course. It has been actually discovered that all of our decision making is emotional. If our emotions weren’t functioning properly we could hardly make any decisions at all.

So now I upgraded my old 7,5 years old desktop with a bit more recent one and I better make use of it, or otherwise I’ll regret.

This is a decision that I’ve been postponing for a long time. Last year as I finished my thesis I already promised myself a new computer as a prize. Yet only now I happen to purchase it.

The needs that aren’t basic needs aren’t really needs at all. I’ve been wanting focus more to the stuff that has mattered to me rather than the means. In a sense I’ve been really successful in this attempt and I can praise myself for this.

However, this morning as I woke up I started to wonder, since when it was that I felt such a reluctance to do the writing that I usually so happily do. Then I realized that I need to loosen up a bit and change my focus. So I also loosened up my standards just a bit which allowed me finally to find satisfactory computer and get it right away. This was really satisfactory.

Although I don’t have any acute needs for the faster computer, it’s still a tool and tool that I probably most proficient with, so now even after a purchase I feel satisfied and assured that I will find the use for it.

Decision making process was mostly emotional, backed up by month’s worth of rational comparing and delaying the decision. Now the time felt ripe and I am happy.

Now it also turns out that it is quite easy to return to the work of writing as well. Reluctance I experienced in the morning is gone and the experience of the day is always a nice spice for the writing.

As a conclusion sometimes it’s better to just see how the day plays out and then return to the work of art.

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