Living a life that matters

I like to think and observe what kind of causal relations decisions have. These systems thinking observations have been inside me quite a while and are the basis for this article.

How to make sure we are living a life that matters? What matters? Time is a thing, we cannot get more of. Therefore there are decisions and priorities that must be respected.

Life isn’t easy at all. Therefore there are not easy solutions. We’ve a lots of potential in ourselves, if we are able to develop and focus our energy.

Conscious thought energy is very limited, yet through it we can program ourselves in a new ways. Doing this requires patience and practice and once acquired the new level in incomparable, because the once hard things become effortless.

As an example, I would advise to identify the most important things in life. Is that people who are dear to you? Your passion?

As a next step, then it would involve recognizing what are the really important things to maximize these things in life? For example if it is people who are very dear to you i.e. your children or spouse, then taking care of your own health should come as a top priority as well in order to be in a good shape and also to be able to spend more time with those people. Our own health should come off as a top priority, because it is simple related to whatever we want to contribute to world with our life.

Since the health is our health is such a critical priority, I would like to point out that recognizing that is the first step. Second is that, we should avoid just setting shallow goals like ”getting fit for summer” or ”losing X amount of weight” and instead connect these goals with the top priority: your health and especially what are you gonna do with it.

Keeping the clear and simple vision of the has been future helpful for me. I’ve learned the importance of my own health the hard way, by living in a decedent manner and coming to conclusion this could not go on anymore. Once I made the decision to revamp my life for a grander purpose giving up many bad habits became relatively relatively easy task and I started slowly adopting new ones as well.

Important thing to note at this point, as we often get started and passionate about a changing our life with something, I would like to hold the horses there a bit. Big mistake we make with the changes, is that once we start learning deeply about something, we get so excited and end up with a skewed world view. Therefore the middle way would be good to keep in mind here and as I wrote about yesterday as well: it might be good to learn from both extreme points of view and dance around there.

Systemic thinking applied is really powerful way to start thinking about what is important in life and keeping that vision in mind every time we are doing decisions. Our first priorities might be very clear, however the next ones might be sometimes more difficult to rank. Experience with pay a role here and if we have none, it’s good to get some and adjust then based on that.

In the end that matters, through which we can make the things happen that matters most to us. Some of this requires figuring out, some of it might be very clear for us already.

As a one more personal example, for me creating a some sort of legacy of wisdom is important. It’s my way of seeking immortality that has no guarantees, what is yours?



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