To become knowledgeable we must first be aware of the knowledge

books-768426_1920Originally as I realized how little I know, I decided it was time to start some serious context building. Mostly this happened through coaching, discussions and reading. It was autumn 2014, and at the end of my studies I decided I need to begin my study for real. I had just attended the first coaching by Jari Sarasvuo and I had been left out mostly clueless what did he just talk about. I could not really follow at all.

As I started then a bit later to work at Trainers’ House and attended more to the coachings, that already provided me with more context as well. However, I still felt unsatisfied. I decided when I thesis in done, I shall build some serious framework of thought, some serious context around all this. So now for the past few months, I’ve been seriously crossing off some books that get recommended in the coachings. This has been amazing for my understanding and incredibly rewarding to discover these thoughts in their original context as well.

One key component in human mind makes learning quite challenging: it is the minds’ tendency to reject new ideas. It takes quite a bit of repetition to get the mind to accept some kind of new thinking. For this reason I recommend taking really good notes and also revisiting those notes in order to internalize as much as possible.

Also our minds tend to be lazy and they’ll easily fixate knowledge with one domain. Therefore it is really useful to talk and think about what we’ve learned in many kinds of places and contexts. This creates much stronger connections.

Going one more level deeper: we do not even know what we are supposed to be learning. We are not aware. So comibing the two steps above, we should take really good notes of everything and try to use or recall the knowledge in all kinds of settings – it’s a powerful way to create whole new connections.

Just as an example, my reading habit would’ve not been taken off unless I started to find out interesting books for me. How did this happen? Actually lets say when I started attending to the coahcing sessions at Trainers’ House, there was a lots of book names flying around. When I had written those down and started to read about the books and build a bit more understanding about them, only then finally I started to make some others connections as well: many of these authors were also the same ones who had spoken on TED and whose videos I had already seen. So I already had some kind of connection and even online one way relation and yet I did not make the connection before.

Since then I’ve been actively seeking new things to learn and read about as I know it takes for my mind sometime to accept the idea. Even though there might be something new right now, it might be in a few weeks or months until I become aware of it.

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