Middle way is great for creativity

water-263054_1920Creativity is ability to produce ideas and bring them to reality. Creativity is the result of effort, usually long before the actual creation happens. All and any experience are useful for creativity.

Yesterday I wrote about human mind how it has enables creativity and thus also rapid cultural evolution.  Building more on top of this idea I want to explore the topic of creativity abilities of human mind a little bit further.

Power of the human mind comes from the power of making connections and associations really efficiently. Just to give some picture human brain can calculate about 10 quadrillion operations per second, where as world’s fastest super computer Tianhe-2 about 55 quadrillion. The difference comes of course in energy usage where human brain only requires about 20 watts of power, where as the Tianhe-2 requires about times 900 000 more or 17,8 megawatts. [1]

It’s this thought networking ability that makes us brilliant, that’s also what makes us creative. Essentially the ability to connect two seemingly separate ideas is our power and the power of creativity.

So, how to use this knowledge to be more creative?

The process to use this is about to learn about differences and then to ponder how the topic seemingly disparate topics are actually simiilar and beneficial. World’s most flourishing cities have always been that which tolerate differences [2].

We hugely benefit by learning about opposite points of views and then calmly apply it to our own lives as the middle way or the dance within middle way as aI prefer.

I prefer the dance in the middle ways, because sometimes I do feel the urge and necessity to dive deeper in a particular topic only to emerge from that depth to continue on a more balanced approach, yet daringly combining everything I’ve learned so far.

As a recent example I am starting to see both, science and spirituality as a great tools to increase human understanding.

Human mind attempts to make sense of the world by polarizing things as a good or bad. Yet if we are mindful about it, we can keep our minds open and we can keep on learning both sides of the story. This is huge boost for our creativity as well as our understanding.

For a scientific mind it would be foolish not challenge world views as much as it would be foolish it would be foolish not to seek oneness for a spiritual person. Both approaches are necessary for the deepest possible understanding.

If we walk the middle way, we don’t get stuck to either side for too long. Instead we leverage the progress in both sides for all our advantage.


[1] Scientific American 2016. Avaialble at: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/artificial-synapses-could-let-supercomputers-mimic-the-human-brain/

[2] Maailmanhistoriankukoistavimmat kaupungit. Ari Turunen, Into 2015

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