Thoughts about mastery, snacks and cultures

chef-1209161_1920This afternoon I gave a little moment of thought about snack preparation: when you are doing specific snack which you really like, repeatedly you’ll become very good at it. Over time you’ll try all kinds of variations, some of which will works while others will not. There becomes the few core things that has to be just right in order to become the best snack experience there is.

Essentially right here we’ve the formula for mastery. One thing that I particularly noticed, that’s it’s not even that you’ve to do the specific kind of snack that often as long as it is often enough, maybe few times a week. In a year you’ll already start to have quite high preferences.

The reason I am talking about snacks and food also in general, is because this has happened to me. Before, I cared food for mostly about it’s nutritional value rather than anything else, taste was secondary. Now through the past year and a half I’ve started to appreciate great taste.

Appreciating taste is simple, as it provides pleasure. Yet there is something artistic about getting just to the right taste. During my trip to Vietnam last year I discovered a whole culture that revolves around food there or so it would seem at first. On a deeper look it’s not only about taste and pleasure as much as art, mastery and appreciation.

Some of this kind of Asian dedication to the master is very well reflected in the Jiro Dreams of Sushi document. His dedication to master Sushi is indeed something else, and this kind dedication I also sensed in Vietnam. And what’s even more that it’s not only the dedication of one, as most Asian cultures are collective cultures, their dedication is also collective effort by families.

Small actions done repeatedly will lead to mastery, which then again has the chance to become something great.

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