Learning our place in this world via feedback  


no-988481_1920One particularly important thing on our path of life comes to how do we relate to others. In order to get a ahead professionally, or personally we need others. When dealing with people, we may feel somehow offended. These are all kinds of ego protection mechanisms on both sides working hard to keep our identities and egos intact.

Only way to start acting differently in this socially constructed world is of course information and especially feedback. There is a golden ratio of feedback for us, positive feedback should outnumber constructive 2:1. This means we are not gonna change our mishaps anytime soon, so we might as well accept those as well as others.

What we can control and develop is our own ability to deal with feedback. How much and how often we can receive feedback. And of course one particularly good habit is actually to ask for feedback.

Feedback or improvement are not THE answers, they are just answers. As I wrote yesterday, sometimes even the improvement is not the answer, we’ve to consider carefully when it is. Overall I think that the listening and receiving feedback are wonderful qualities in a person. Ability to ask for feedback and process that, gives us wonderful something we wouldn’t otherwise know about ourselves. Then we can calmly consider all of it and also form a more accurate view of ourselves in this world.

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