Lessons learned on communicating that which matters to me


I certainly don’t when I find myself in party and I would be rather doing something else. This was the inspiration for the article as I quickly realize my values are so totally different. Therefore I take a moment to slip away and head home. I feel empowered.

I’m so easy person to conform, yet although conformity can be good, it’s not always beneficial. Sometimes we need to be more clear about what is indeed meaningful for us and stick with that. I am really bad at putting the meaning to words. In the language of action I am a bit better, for me the meaning is the exercise done, meditation, writing process and reading.

Then the next question is how to communicate the meaningful to me to others, who expect to conform? That’s something I gotta work on and a lot. There is one book I’ve started to read called Power of Positive No, which is really empowering in this sense. Key message there is that we should say no, because there is something more important that we need to say yes to. It’s exactly this what I should start learning and define the yes even more clearly.

Reflecting back the day, I thought about how to communicate the meaning too hard way. Simplest ways to communicate meaning is of course through simple yes and no and then stick with that. I wish I can learn that and start using that actually.

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