What fills our mental map?


I’ve come to learn and believe now that we are pretty much the sum of our surroundings. Everything and everyone that has been around us has potentially influenced us: places, people, books, shows – all of it.

Then I tend to think that we’ve conscious choice and we do to some point. At least I do still believe that we’ve the power over our own consciousness. Our unconsciousness is still beyond our power and powers affecting that is still mystery. We are quite blind to all influencing we are under.

Yet I do not mean to despair or anything. I am just saying we’ve limited control even over our own consciousness. Meditation, prayer and mindfulness are some of the answers to control our consciousness, other is intelligent design: choosing who we hang out with, what entertainment we consume or activities we pursue.

One particular perspective to this was when I wrote about why we need to read more. Essentially books are the results of extensive mental effort from finest minds of all humanity. So spending a bit time around that inevitably has some consequences.

It’s impossible to predict what kind of consequences, hopefully mostly the kind of consequences that help as collectively ahead. Yesterday I was watching documentary about Stalin and, it became clear that it’s not like even the books are so omnipotent that they could make everyone moral and right.

I guess the same thing is with the influence of other people around us. Even though people surrounding us have good intentions, it might not lead to desired results. Good and bad are relative, there are no absolutes after all.

Yet I guess what I want to say is that despite our surroundings have more influence on us that we can concisouly understand we still consciously get to choose what parts to believe and follow. We also can train ourselves to better focus to the positive from our point of view and get less distracted by the less desired influences in our lives. This training is can be known as silence, listening, meditation, mindfulness or prayer, whatever works for you!

Through this quiet contemplation we can begin to really recognize the truly important for us and let go of the other burdens. And then we can fill our mental maps with more positive things.



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