Growth Oriented Approach to Life

nature-1283976_1920Two days ago I was listening the amazing Boss Level podcast by Sami Honkonen the other day. Last time Sami interviewed Jabe Bloom and during that something that Jabe told there struck me. They were talking about the design thinking and about that the Design as a field of thought is so new (20 years or so), that his professor or something suggested just to read all the books about design as a preparation for the PhD.

This struck me because this approach can be easily applied to anything despite being academic approach originally. So you don’t actually need to be rolling a PhD program to be able to learn everything about a field of topic. In fact many times this has not been the case with many people who have acquired encyclopedic knowledge, or knowing all worth knowing. It’s not like they’ve received the knowledge the a schooling system.

Among polymaths scientist Thomas Young is referred to be the ”the last man who knew everything”. This has been of course, because after his time the creation of scientific knowledge has increased so much that it has proven to be quite a challenge to learn everything, especially time wise.

This leads to my first very important point: time is our most precious resource and therefore we should carefully think were we should use it. I would argue that, if we have interests and curiosity to pursue, we should do that. There are the possibilities in this world, access to knowledge thanks to internet is better than ever.

A value and trait that’s really important to have when talking about the usage of time is courage. We should have the courage to challenge the status quo of doing things, whatever it’s action or education.

Third important point is discipline. Interest and curiosity are wonderful things, however they lead to nothing unless we’ve the discipline to make them into something real. We’ve all the possibilities and better access to knowledge than ever, yet we need discipline to do it. Self-starting learning is a wonderful as well, however if our starting point is alone, we need the effort everyday to step out there and bring ourselves to the world. If we can do this, someday we are not alone with our interest and curiosity anymore.

Yesterday as I was replying to video interview questions, repeating the process over and over again in attempt to say everything I want in one minute, a real challenge… My mind just managed to pack a bunch of important concepts into new word pair: growth oriented. And do I love that! I bet I’ve used that word pair before, but thanks to that pressure moment it has gotten a whole new meaning to me. Growth oriented now means to me so much more, essentially it’s the dream package of action and learning.

To conclude, if you are interested or curious about something put the effort to learn about it, you’ve the possibility to become master in the topic. Put away the excuses and bring in the effort. After you’ll start to feel like a master do not stay put. Your journey has just begun, now it’s your turn to start the massive action of giving and making a dent to the universe. Pour everything you’ve got the the project and smile.

Growth oriented life is about curiosity, interest and courage to take focused action.

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