Lead yourself to the results: set clear expectations for daily doing

women-697928_1920Yesterday I wrote about core doing in football terms, today I want to introduce a better word pair: daily doing. I thought about what I wrote and this morning I felt really satisfied with some things that I had told myself: I knew what I expected of myself and I was mentally and physically prepared to meet this challenge head on and right away in the morning. This realization and feeling is certainly something I want to share and especially that how this daily doing relates to achieving goals in the grander scheme of things.

Our minds have the tendency to do as little as possible as late as possible. Therefore knowing only what is the most important thing is not enough, we also need to know exactly how much is expected of us. Let’s call this the minimum standard. How much is the least you can get away with?

In my case, as I stated that most important things for me are reading, writing, exercise and meditation. I need to know how much exercise for today? How much meditation for today? How much writing for today? How much reading for today? Connecting this minimum standard of doing today, with the grander goal and you will reach your goal. Of course the minimum standard is not a goal, it’s a minimum standard only to be exceeded yet never fallen short of.

As you’ve set the minimum standard for each day and you’ve each day to accomplish the task, you’ve an natural deadline for each day. Deadlines are awesome way to get things done.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” ― Confucius, Confucius: The Analects

Let me give some examples about my daily doing:

For writing, I’ve set myself an article per day deadline for the blog. In addition I write my journal every day.

For exercise bodyweight exercise routine which consists of squats, pushups and sit-ups at least thirty each. Routine is easy to vary and add more challenge as well. If you want inspiration for bodyweight exercises check out Darebee as there are many, for example One Punch provides variety of movement and you can adjust the level easily 🙂

For my reading, I’ve big goal of 36 books in a period of year. The daily doing of this is quite simply read an hour a day. On work days this is really easy to hit as I get that on commute alone and on top of that I read a bit in the evenings. On other days I’ve to take really the time off for to be able to do that.

I started tracking the reading goal on October, to which I’ve three and half months to go. In this period I’ve read 16 books so I am not quite able to hit the target still on that. However, most important goal I am currently having in my mind is to be able to hit the three books a month target consistently. This has been not a problem when I’ve lots of interesting books to read, so reading is also about finding really interesting books to read and that requires time as well!

For my meditation, I’ve had a long time habit just to sit a bit before going bed and a bit in the morning. My sitting time varies from 10 – 60 minutes a day. I feel like this is a habit that I want to keep doing no matter what.

What daily doing matters to you? What kind of expectations have you set for yourself for doing that?

We’ve to make it possible for ourselves to succeed. Big mountains become small stones, that can be carried away each day.

Tsemppiä! (Finnish encouraging words you to do your best and have a good luck doing it. English equivalents are too reliant on luck, I prefer the effort.)


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