Desiring less everyday (part 2)

dog-1367297_1920Desiring less everyday is in the core of Buddhist philosophy as I wrote the other day. Today I realized this thought in the different way as my colleagues were talking about detox and fasting at work. Really positive things, however when I started to hear from what kind of things they want to detox, like alcohol, caffeine and sugar… I started to fall into deeper into thoughts.

Indeed, I’ve grown past those things. On 2009 I gave up coffee on a whim, on a whim and as I felt I didn’t needed I continued to live my life. Beginning of this year I did the same thing with tea, just to see what kind of life is without that and I am still good. I do occasionally drink tea, however not a) regularly and b) nowhere near as much as I used to.

Same thing has happened with sugary goods, although on 2011 I decided to cut most of the sugars, later on I became less fanatic about it since it was really hard to avoid in any way. I learned to dislike too sweet stuff and I do not have much habits of consuming sugary goods. Natural fruits and berries are a different thing. Now I am mostly talking about thing like candies and pastries, cutting these like 95% out of the diet helped a lot.

With alcohol the same thing has happened. From fanatic tea-totaling to a more moderate use and now days I don’t like to use alcohol much at all. The real reason is I am really sensitive with the clarity level I am having and I feel like most of the time even a little bit does blur it.

I guess there are more examples, but these were kind of big ones that still continue to apply in my life. After noticing how much my habits have changed me towards better I am quite satisfied, and not there yet. When looking back like this, it is apparent that I did not give up caffeine or were able to be without sugar over night… These new habits have also changed my thinking and redirected the cravings to somewhere else and all this happened really gradually, drip by drip over time. Most of the habits that I’ve today were not even intended like this, I did not intend to give up coffee or tea (I loved both), yet I wanted to see if I could live without them.

So most powerful changes have happened through inspiration and with some effort they’ve become more permanent part of our lives and continued to shape it. I can name a few habits I’ve yet mastered: giving up red meat and also de-cluttering the house completely. These things happen through conscious choices, even small choices towards these goals matter. Big breakthroughs happen often only after we’ve gained some experience trying to do these things.

Do you have any habits you would like to see in reality? Start learning everything you can about it and eventually it will be reality, then what?

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