Core doing in everyday life, inspired by football


Since now there is there are European Football Championships going on, it reminded me of the core doing. In a football (soccer for all the U.S readers) game, the core doing are all those steps to set up a shot. Number of shots and number of shots at the target tell a lot about the tale.

If you’ve got chances to shoot, but none of the shots are on target the team has to slown down their action and try to get the shots on target.

When shots finally start landing target the amount counts and eventually some will go in.

Quite simple!

In my daily life there are a few core doings that I actually track. For me these are reading, writing, meditation and exercise. That’s pretty much it. Most of the days I will still feel resistance to do some of these things, yet on somdays I’ll get even to urget to do these.

Before giving up and doing something lazy, I’ll have to ask did I try to open the book to read the chapter, did I try to write an article, did I do nothing or did I do the squats?

Most important actions really matter. In soccer game, the team who will generate more shots towards the target is more likely to win. It’s a probability.  

In our lives we have to win the resistance in our heads and that’s a challenge, because the resistance is really persistent. Yet as long as we strive to simply do the right thing, the results and wins will come in time.

Behind the probability is the simple formula of quantity * direction * quality. The more repetitions allows more productivity, which is not necessarily yet good quality, but it’s easier to polish quality through quantity. Therefore you need to take action, polish the action and finally you’ve lots of quality action. The finally might take a while.

It might take a few passes, but eventually Spain wins lol.

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