Two ways to control metabolism for peak performance: activity and breathing

meditation-1087853_1920I’ve had really fast metabolism through my life. Active lifestyle furthermore increases it. Downside with really fast metabolism is that, when doing physical work and thinking too much, it’s really easy to get hungry.

Fast metabolism is rarely talked about in mainstream, since now most of the western world has the opposite problem called obesity. For me that hasn’t been a problem due to the naturally fast metabolism so mostly genetics as well as quite healthy lifestyle. As a kid I quite hated eating and I even occasionally caught myself dreaming about life were one didn’t have to spend any time eating.

That kind of dream is actually quite interesting vision about future; although completely avoiding eating is still far fetched idea, there might be some sorts of nutrition solutions in near future which we just need to consume maybe once a day to get all the energy needs.

Fast metabolism means kind of quick feeling of hunger as well. Although the feeling of hunger I believe, is mostly subjective experience. However, there is still some level of optimal energy level for our bodies and minds which should be fulfilled, in order to be able to use the higher brain functions for example.

Our brain’s tend to use about fifth of our energy [1], which is significant. In reality I do  not know is my body just using or burning more energy or is it just more ineffective to turn the into energy or storing that energy. Fat is essentially stored energy, so my body might be just bad at storing energy as well, that might be the case.

However, one thing I’ve observed: activity of course increases metabolism rate and the feeling of hunger as well very effectively. This leads to hunger and thus I should eat a lot if I am to do any physical activities or even thinking.

Essentially I’ve noticed that we can affect two main ways to our metabolism most importantly the intensity of breathing and secondly physical activity. Activity will affect the breathing rate, but also more importantly the blood flow as well, which is a lot harder to achieve with breathing alone.

To achieve peak performance we need to find the sweet spot between activity and relaxation. Breathing can be used to tone down, activity to rev up.



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