Many ways to grow

flower-64118_1920Today I just want to start writing about growth and in how many ways we can consciously pursue growth, or unconsciously stumble upon it.

Often times growth only requires change in mindset as Carol Dweck nicely puts in her book. The growth mindset is essentially way to think about the world that we can learn and grow from experiences. Opposite of the growth mindset is fixed mindset in which we essentially think that our worth comes from succeeding or failing.

To nurture more growth oriented mindset, most of us need to right kind of feedback. I used the growth mindset thinking as a core of my thesis about peer coaching for students. I still think the right way encouraging environment and atmosphere are the keys.

Around 2010 and 2011 I had opened my mind to lots of new things and I did quite a lots of drawing as my hobby. Then one one day I decided to pick up some more skills by actually reading a book. So I did go to the library and picked up a book on the drawing technique that I felt at a glance useful. When I started to dig deeper in the book, there was something really discouraging, which causes me to really think has people actually printed so discouraging words there. It said something within the lines ”if you do not have talent, do not bother”. Unfortunately I do not have much record of the book to know what that book actually was and is my memory correct. However, I remember it as a really discouraging experience.

Now comparing that experience with a more recent one, actually from this morning, where I learned an another thing that lets’ us grow rapidly. It’s a Ted x talk by Graham Shaw, where he teaches us to draw, truly encouraging!

There are incredibly opportunities for growth in the internet, but sometimes the human connection does the trick. Yesterday I was attending my alma mater Haaga-Helia to help them with student interviews. It was through the discussion with my teachers that I realized how wonderful opportunity the small campus of Porvoo is for people who usually don’t have the chance, to flourish. Haaga-Helia has several campuses, two in Helsinki then in Porvoo and Vierumäki. This is also a wonderful and encouraging though.

I think online learning should be that way as well. During recent days and today even, I’ve been watching a lots of videos about the topics of psychotherapy. I am also reading a one book related to that called Road Less Traveled. In any case, this morning I happened to watch a video about Anna Freud’s book and there was listed the the ten types of protection mechanisms we have. This was really interesting to me, although I’ve heard of these before, I haven’t registered the number: there is ten, so may I had just missed a few? In any case as far as I’ve come to understand it there is indeed a lot how we can grow, in safe and nurturing environment even as adults and I think we should.

It would be great to discover and even found more online learning communities that are nurturing in the terms of growth mindset, they are helping to form more realistic beliefs and finally create space for all different kinds of people to flourish.

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