Positive perspective shift

oil-in-water-1438382_1920When we are living deep inside the culture, there is a tendency and habit to thing about anything lets say about weather for a certain way. This can be easily seen for example here in Finland, where winters are relatively cold and long, that the people love warm summers where there is a lots of sunlight. Of course the disappointment for expectations causes then the complaining reactions and people to go for vacation somewhere where there is sun.

Arabs have a saying ”sunshine all day makes a desert.”

This kinds of perspective shifts really cheer up my day. Almost anything; weather or any other thing can be viewed from another point of view in more positive way.

My girlfriend who has come Finland to study from Vietnam often brings this kind of fresh and cheerful thinking with her. She loves cool weather as do I, and constantly manages to amaze other people who complain about the coldness, with the view on coolness as enjoyable, just right temperature.

Viewing world like this, makes me feel sometimes really blessed and rich. The cool Finnish weather is indeed a luxury that many cannot have, so it’s a habit totally worth of having, you can have more just by thinking differently.

And if you would like to really challenge yourself, the Six thinking hats method by Edwards de Bono is a way to do this even further.


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