Road ahead: accepting and forgiving the mistakes

dune-1307497_1920As we tend to be quite loss averse, when the unfortunate happens our first defense mechanism kicks in, which is the denial ”I didn’t do it, it’s not my responsibility”. As I was moving at the end of the last week, when driving big van through the narrow and snaky paths, I hear a screech. It’s not an animal, its of course the side of the car scratching bike storage building.

At first I thank my own wisdom for lowering my deductible amount to four hundred. A bit more after swallowing and assessing the damage we were already joking that now it doesn’t matter how much we smash the car. Yet of course value is exactly decided by how much it does create something similar.

Next day when I returnt the van, I decide to pay the damage right away as I certainly felt the responsibility as well as I thought it will help me to get over it quicker. Well I think that was right decision. Still thoughts like ”what I could’ve done with the money” occur to me for example just before writing this article. Actually exactly the nature of those thoughts made me write about this.

We are as sick as are our secrets said Jari Sarasvuo yesterday in his podcast and I agree with him. When I wrote my first blog on, it was mainly about processing the internal world and dragging it to the light. This blog is still as well, although I am experimenting learning different styles of writing as well as story telling. It really helps to get forward to talk about things or if that is not an option then to write about them.

Everything begins with accepting what just happened and assuming the responsibility. What also helps is to forgive ourselves. Often times we are too harsh on ourselves, we’ve incredible potential, but it doesn’t mean that we are perfect in the present. It often takes quite a bit failure and beating to get closer to the perfect, which is excellence.

I noticed it’s a tremendous learning experience to accept that failures happen and allow them to happen. In fact those failures are solid ground upon we will build any excellence. Without the risk, there is no growth. Sometimes, risks actualize, often times not. Key is to keep risks manageable, those are much easier to accept and even if the worst case happens to forgive.


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