Striving to live with less everyday

cubes-677092_1280I’ve been moving past few days. Moving a house is never easy, as there is a lots of stuff. Today when ordering the stuff I came to the key conclusion: I’ll strive to live everyday with less.

Even in Buddhist thought this is quite core, “trying to live with less desires”. Getting rid of the stuff requires effort where does acquiring the stuff. I am planning to give away, throw away and let go of much of it. Then there is some portion I am going to sell.

Moving from bigger to smaller apartment is a nice reminder about the Parkinson’s law and an observation that it not only applies time and work but to time and space as well.

From this point on wards I shall make some effort to live with less. Call me minimalist or whatever, but hanging on the stuff does not really bring happiness, we choose it by being more mindful about present.

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