Embracing the learning & enlightenment opportunities world has to offer

monitor-1054710_1920When you spend enough time in your present loving, opportunities embracing bubble, you sometimes forget that other people need a bit more time to catch up with the thoughts and ideas.

This happened to me last Sunday when meeting relatives, I hadn’t seen in a while. Their habits and thinking models were roughly repeating the same patterns. That’s fine, especially if the habits are serving well.

One thing where I do not think our old habits serve us very well, is the exponential thinking. Rate of change is growing rapidly as you probably have heard, yet many of us do the same things that the society or other masses are repeating, because that’s what they’ve been doing for a long time. It’s the hum of tradition and linear thinking.

Peter Diamantis illustrates on Youtube very well what kind of difference is exactly between exponential and linear thinking. Needless to say it’s a game changer.

What does this mean to our lives then? We seriously need do things differently, especially tune off from the conventional way of thinking and doing things like long and painful HR processes or limiting education to the knowledge absorbing.

Video is revolutionizing human interactions altogether. Thanks to internet it’s highly efficient and networked form of communication, that allows people to connect without connecting. It’s the way best way to duplicate yourself without ever meeting.

Video is changing everything. Learning and knowledge sharing is gonna be our primary pastime soon enough. Meanwhile, it’s good to leverage and embrace the format that is already allowing us to learn about so many things, in the most efficient way so far conceived.

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