Our life is what story we tell ourselves


I’ve awoken on this during the recent days, I’ve awoken on the way people tell stories and create those stories. Although, I would rather say make up stories, but I use create as it feels a bit more neutral and retains the possibility of creating the stories consciously for higher purpose as well.

Our minds, or the human mind is amazing in it’s effort to organize the chaotic into something that makes sense (mostly to only us).  That’s why communicating is so difficult!

Here understanding Daniel Kahneman’s system 1 and system 2 comes useful. System 1 is fast, automatic and subconscious, where are system 2 is slow, effortful and conscious.

In adult age, people who rely heavily on the system 1, become really passive and their learning stagnates. Their world view gets stuck, especially compared to those who keep learning and updating information about the world.africa-1356784_1920
If we would would use the map metaphor, it would mean that you’ve got the best possible Atlas from let’s say year 1963 and it’s called the National Geographic Atlas of the World. You move about the world according to this, which is great and fine for quite a while. That’s until the time passes on and we learn more about the world or something changes…

navigation-1048294_1920Compare the person who is operating in a world with National Geographic Atlas of the World from 1963 to a person who has 24/7 internet access and ability to access all the maps that are online as well as the GPS navigation system and other systems on orbit. Who would navigate better?

We need to use our system 2 to update our maps everyday. Human mind has it’s cognitive limits, no matter how much we keep challenging, although I don’t think we have yet to put an enlightened mind to those brain scanning machines? As far as I’ve come to understand, enlightenment is as far as human can possibly get to understanding the world as it is. On the horizon are the tech aided possibilities and even singularity.


Personally I’ve called this ”project reality” for me. I started my project reality on 2009 spring as I finally had realized that I am in charge of my life. My first journal entry was on April 2009 and I’ve been writing since as writing has been really important way to understand what’s going on and also to document the process.

Later on, I’ve learned that in fact there are others who are doing the similar quest as well. First I learn about similar quest from Steve Pavlina, whose articles I used to read quite a lot and from who I probably took this idea from subconsciously. A few more years later, I learn about a bit more serious and more time standing movement called Vipassana. Vipassana is translated as insight meditation, in simple terms their goals is to see world as it is.

The stories we tell ourselves and also others, about ourselves and the world are formed by how we perceive and interpret everything. It’s not surprise the right view is first of the noble eight-fold path.

When it comes about telling the stories, we need to consider in addition what’s true or not, what is necessary? Not as much as is possible, but as little as is required, says Jari Sarasvuo and I think it can be applied to many things.

It’s possible to change our story, by forming a more truthful view of the world.

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