Poem: Threat of the long night

Troubles at the docks,
Darkness like bird flocks
Coming a shore,
Everything unsure!
Captain tell us what to do.

Art is the answer,
There are branches,
And with sweat,
We don’t need to fret.

Art, what art?
What good is a piece of art without the proper chart.
Chart to follow, chart to see,
Without a chart there can be no we.

Captain is a fool,
We need a real tool!
Throw him into dungeon,
As a precaution!

Thus the darkness prevails,
Night will be long, without avail.
There is still time, which way we shall sail?

Captain humiliated like a brick, in fact his name is Rick.
Rick has a dream of a day when we all are free,
From the ignorance and blame that are burning wise trees.

So in the jail Rick goes preaching,
and many of the people reaching.
“During the day, we are grounded to deed.
Which we must accomplish, without a weep or greed.
Humble servants we should be,
Without complaining ‘gee’,
smarts should not equal to the social status
soorest are on a lifelong hiatus,
what separates us from the most,
is the emotional cost.
otherwise we are all but roast!”

Emotional labor to read and create,
What makes men so desperate?
The attachment to worldly pleasure,
without any amendable gesture!

What we do imprints story in our minds,

Which i then told to ourselves in situations all kinds.
Stillness and contemplation suit the most,
Others will surely be lost.

Stillness and creation highest purpose of all,
Yet so many on this road fall.
In their minds more glorious than humble,
What to do with those who stumble?

Together we shall go Rick declares,
Better together even with snares.
Long way little by little,
Sounds good and definitely frickle.

Peace to achieve highest purpose we need,
Every morning others we greet.
Create until sleep,
To find the thought deep,
Tell the story to the meek,
Thunder while speak.
End with words wise, not bleak.

Tomorrow is bright,
Art is the path right,
Together we have might,
Bravery of the knight
And wisdom of the sight.
Now prepared for the night.

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