Our invisible potential

Sometimes world really surprises in a positive way, which is a important reference point for originally even quite pessimistic mind like mine. Since then I’ve learned to be a more optimistic, but I still have ways to go.

Yesterday was such a positive surprise as somehow the commitment and energy of the people alignment with common goal and amazing things happened like got the project to the goal ahead of time.

Seeing potential is quite difficult and might even be possible. Recognizing this is a big thing, because if we recognize that there is a lots of potential that we cannot see, we start to treat others way better! It’s impossible to know exactly when or how this invisible potential will manifest, however I would like to think that it will under pressure!

Jari Sarasvuo said about culture a similar thing, that culture is a invisible, yet powerful force that manifests under pressure. And also that actually strong individual express themselves in a culture that is strong, I.e. where results are made, they are built on a strong culture and are the result of a culture.

People together form the culture, so people are everything. Who wants to work for just money? If it’s just money it’s easy to replace. That’s why people require human connection and above all people should be treated as Goethe put it “treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

I think there is one really powerful force too that’s rarely taken into account, it’s the law of karma. Ajahn Brahn says it’s the most powerful law in the universe. I do not know, but if you aim for good karma, you better treat people really well, so that’s where I think all three thoughts connect.

For our all flourishing, we need to encourage the emergence of great qualities, even though we cannot see them.

What are your thoughts? Leave an awesome comment below.

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