What causes certainty?

To my previous post about questioning I would like to add a bit. Questioning everything is great habit that let’s us break down concepts to more understandable form.

In the present moment it’s sometimes difficult to remain certain, so then I ask myself how I can be more certain? Future is quite unpredictable. Well, I do not know really that well, we can only be certain and confident when we have something to support the belief and feeling of certainty.

When such a feelings are not present, then our minds have to find the certainty elsewhere, like the success and stability of other areas of life.

I tried to Google around a bit, with slim results. Entrepreneur magazine lists four qualities to feel more confident: getting rid of negativity, organizing, staying healthy and power poses. This is nice, however I was looking for something more. 

From Quora answers I found a likely explanation for the feeling of certainty: indeed as brain recalls something several neural pathways activate and thus we feel certain. 

With this I’ll dare to guess out loud that certainty seems to be linked with that which is believed to be right. So how do beliefs form then? They are constructs in our minds that are supported by reference points.


The more reference points, in this case for example memories or experiences we’ve the more the table has legs and therefore more stable it is and more certain we feel.

Interesting question this point on wards how to construct more reference points to feel more confident and certain? One answer that comes in mind is to get minor successes really quickly and then build upon those successes.

Non-attachment and mindfulness practice can help to overcome the difficulties in the process and focus to the action part. Doing simple things is Zen.

Certainty seems to link so deeply to our experience, that story interpretation and telling probably will affect to it as well. That can be only done backwards thought, but however so that our past experiences become a little more supportive of our present day efforts, than they previously were.

If you’ve more or different ideas how to build certainty please leave a comment below, tweet or something!

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