Suppressed emotions might affect our world view

Recently I’ve been really interested about natural tendency, and I’ve pondered long about my own. Hobby along all this thinking has been reading. On my evening commute today a strong thought hit me as I read Susan Cain’s Quiet book, there Cain refers to psychologist Judith Grob work with the phrase:

“People who tend to [suppress their negative emotions] regularly might start to see the world in a more negative light.” ― from Cain, Susan (2012-03-29). Quiet. (p. 319). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

This really struck me, and stopped me! Judidth Grob calls this emotional leakage in the original article. It might hold the seeds for having more optimist outlook of life, which again has many positive benefits such as longevity of life.

I’ve yet not figured out my tendencies on the level I would like to. However, at the same time I’ve sought to understand life better and thoughts that help me to live the life. For this I’ve studied Buddhism. Recently I started from beginning again, because sometimes its good to return to the basics. So, now I’ve been reading, watching videos etc. about the very basic ideas of Buddhist thought. And today I had a quite strong insight.

Buddha encourages to accept the life as it is, thus he says, life has suffering. Suffering is inevitable, so what a great man does, is to accept that and not to attach it any longer. The process of accepting life is the same as forgiveness, where we have to accept that something happened, then forgive and let go. Powerful thoughts that let us be more fully in the present.

When we are in the present, we are also more likely to observe our emotions and how we are expressing or not expressing them, thus creating more virtuous cycles and more fulfilling life experience for ourselves and the world at large.

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