First version approach to action


Many times this is called ‘iterative’ approach, but as the word iterative does not make much sense to me, so I just call ‘just make the first version’ approach. In my recent days of blogging, I’ve finally begun to internalize this thought and result is action.

Therefore, I was thinking to write for everybody to read about it. I guess the original idea has it’s roots in the lean and agile thinking and working methods. This is pretty much the approach of the incomplete work to the incomplete world.

Today I also happened to bump to the School of Life video about Sen no Rikyu, which then reminded me about the really fundamental thought in zen.

Everything is impermanent, imperfect, incomplete. – Sen no Rikyu

This seems to complete the ‘just get the first version done’ -thinking really well. In practice this is really easy. For example if you want to write: just start typing or scribbling down words. If you can’t write words, scribble something that resembles them. If it’s difficult email you want to write and don’t know how start typing in those sentences, you can always edit. If it’s a blog you want to start just go and create one and publish something. You can always edit later.

Along with some other thoughts, I’ve finally understood that there is no really time to waste in this life. There are some famous thoughts by Seneca, that hit me deeply:

“It’s not that we’ve a short time to live, but that we waste much of it” – Seneca

“Add up all the stupid things you spend your life on… Start valuing your time” -Seneca

These and some others are now available on the my favorite wisdom page, which already got included quite a bunch of recently my favorite thoughts. However, it’s still missing about 28 years worth of favorite thoughts, which I’ll update as I they occur to me again, or as I get reminded about it in the form or another.

So just do the first version, good luck!

– Janne

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