Summer Rolls – going the extra mile, facing reality and discovering the gift of passion

Yesterday was truly an inspirational day for me. We started the day at 5:30 by starting to prepare and roll Vietnamese summer rolls to sell in the local event, which is spin off from the Restaurant day that’s popular in Helsinki, Finland.

For me this was the first time to go anything like this in the role of preparing and selling, so I was a bit nervous. The fact that I did not have enough time to prepare and think this through as well as I thought did not make it easier.

We did not have much time for preparing, yet we were determined to make it. When finally deciding to commit to this about two weeks earlier my mind had a conflict in between doing this and the fact that there was not much time to prepare and plan for this day.

My girlfriend had prior experience, which was the reason I was able to commit to this in somehow confident manner. Nevertheless, time pressure was on yesterday morning and our goal of rolling 150 rolls had met with the reality of being able to roll 100 (which was our original estimation, which later had escalated). We had improvised a lot during the Friday night and Saturday morning. However, by 10:30 we had indeed rolled hundred rolls, batch of delicious Hoisin – peanut butter sauce to go with it as well as bowl of lemonade.

In the end we sold about 70 rolls and batch of the lemonade, which was alright for the first time. I felt I learned so much and went quickly up the steep learning curve. Customer feedback was great and the most rewarding thing. I felt inspired and I still do.

Having the direct feedback from customers and being able to work at the customer satisfaction directly, was the thing I think. In addition to the fact that what we did, felt like a passion to me.

We went the extra mile and effort to bring something different in here and to those people. Most of our customers came to test and try for the first time, most of them did not know about for example rice paper. Yet there was many people with open minds to try.

As a Finn, I cannot honestly say that we’ve enough healthy food options available. However, in my own life I am really passionate about simple, healthy and tasty food. Ever before it hasn’t occurred to me to turn this thing into something bigger, until now.

Culture changes by doing thing differently, and I guess now I discovered something which I want to start doing differently.

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