Emotional control on hockey night

Today is the hockey night! World hockey championships where Finland meets Canada. With these kinds of events its’ good to remember where the highest form of happiness comes from.

Team sports are great in my opinion,  because it’s through team that strong individuals can express their strength and feel protected. Teams compete in culture,under pressure and thus they are able to rise to the highest levels. Team sports are safe for individuals because of this.

For observer there is a big trap to fall into: to identify too much with the team of admiration and association. Of course our lizard brain craves for association and gratification.

I think it’s important to remember what makes us really happy: it’s not about winning or losing once, there are much more higher forms of happiness. In the tradition four levels of happiness spectrum, where four is the highest and one is the lowest level, watching a hockey game would be around level two. So there is till ways to go!

However, now meanwhile we should watch the game, enjoy it despite of the results and work on our feelings from that point on wards.

Hyvä Suomi!

Go Canada!

2 thoughts on “Emotional control on hockey night

    1. Haha. What makes me actually say that is the reason that I was watching the game on Canadian stream and their quite neutral and even praising attitude towards the Finnish team made me also consider the strengths of the Canadian team as well.

      In the game Canada had clearly more intensity probably, because they had already tasted defeat before earlier in the tournament. They had adapted to very well and did the small things right. As a result of this Canada had more shot opportunities (2:1, I believe) and thus in the end, two more goals. Amount of work -> opportunities at the desired direction -> Results. So they had worked hard, had the opportunity and had the mentality to seize it. Good game!

      It’s under the pressure that shows the true strength of the culture. Finland has been growing rapidly, however Canada still was the stronger one yesterday. Who knows about next time thought! Looking forward to that.

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