Change happens, do you plan for it?

baby-1399332_1920Environments influence on us is really huge. Earlier I was researching the human temperament and temperaments’ part of our personality is at biggest somewhere around half. Rest is environment.

So after we grow up to the adulthood, we spend a lot of our time at workplace for example. In this case the people we hang out in professional context with will start making a difference.

Earlier I was kind of concerned how much influence I’ve been recently picking up. However, now after pondering about it, I’ve grown more comfortable. Today I got a big smile of my face when looking at my fellow colleagues who have got so much exposure that they’ve changed for good.

Change is nothing to be afraid of it, happens no matter we acknowledge it or not. In fact I remember a research from many years ago that actually asks people first to predict how much they will change in next 5 and ten years and then they will ask people how much they’ve actually changed. Most people underestimated the changes. Change is constant. We change either unconsciously or consciously. We can consciously influence our change by making smart choices regarding to our environment and people we spend our time with.

The saying that we are average of five people we spend most of the time hanging around is true. It’s also good to remember that which we can influence when being around with people: we also affect them, so if the chance is, it’s better to put the effort to be at best.

For ourselves, it’s great to immerse ourselves with as many positive influences consciously as possible. Magic will happen on time and we will start having long lasting positive impact.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

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