Quick fix for getting to goals

StepsToday I just came from coaching session by Jari Sarasvuo. As usual, there are a lots of thoughts that are interesting and valuable, however there is one particular thing which I want to shape in my mind and try to reinforce it. It has to do with the goal setting and achieving goals.

As it turns out most of us, are not so called self motivated people. Only 1,5 % of the population are roughly. And what this means, most of us do need some help with the goals, goal setting and planning.

Actually where we need to start is with the reality check: Where are we now? This is really hard, and it is actually the job of the leader to kno where we are. We are all leaders of our own lives, so we should start trying to objectively understand where are we know, so we can actually start the journey and formulate the plan.

Next there is setting actually a goal. Jari suggested a guideline for the goals ”always out of reach, never out of sight.”

Okay, so now we know where we are, and we’ve good goal set up with the guideline. Then there is of course the BUT, excuses. What’s preventing?

In order to get to the vision we need to build a viable and actionable plan. For this we need help, we might attempt to work too much too quickly. We need to sufficiently allocate time and resources and think who could help us or whose help we need.

With these thoughts I am gonna leave you tonight! Thanks for reading, if you liked it please share.

Best Regards,


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