Why smoking is bad for us?

Image credits Reinald Kirchner.

I’ll let you know that I’ve been smoking a lot in my youth too, so before I’ll get to judge all you smokers out there, feel free to judge me.

My story with cigarettes or “cancer rolls” as I now days prefer to refer to them, began when I was on seventh grade, so I was around 13 years old. I grew up in a small village and my family lived in a kind tranquil old farm house few kilometers off the village. In any case life there was quite boring for a youth and we were set to do some harm, to both ourselves and others as well. Smoking and mopeds were the main pastime for the youth whose parents weren’t so strict to keep us busy on work or anything else productive. Smoking was a rebel thing and kind of cool. What made it easier for me to start more regular smoking was the fact that my mom also started to smoke strangely, a habit which she hadn’t had as far as I could remember.

It was not a coincidence that my parents divorced soon after. This breakup also caused me to lose a bit of touch to my circle of friends which caused all kinds of ups and downs with the smoking habit. At first it increased as I was good at arranging the cigarettes for everyone. Later on when I moved to my moms new place and spend more time with computers then interest to inhale those toxic gasses became less of my interest, however that remained as a part of my life so to speak for few years to come. There were bigger breaks, for about a year when I started vocational education I did not smoke. Usually the smoking started when I lost the purpose of my life in other words: when I had more free time and little purpose. Always when I had a purpose like study or army for example, I did not see the point in smoking. In army many people started to smoke, I did not, even despite my background. After army stopped and I had nothing to do I started for a while again only to make the final decision not to do it anymore.

Writing my story was really therapeutic. To be honest, after that ‘not to do it anymore’ –decision I’ve smoked once in 2010 just to ‘show off’ to girls with no success. After that miserable fail attempt, I haven’t seen any point in smoking. Most important factor is that my appreciation for life has and feeling of purpose have been greatly increased, I just cannot see any point in that.

Even though I still have sometimes these downs, where I feel a bit depressed or lost in terms of purpose; I take it as a time to reflect on my journals and throw myself to try new stuff. I am sharing the story of my smoking, because I hope you could reach the same conclusion as me.

I know for sure that those people who are into the cigarettes, cannot be persuaded by any number of words or pleas. My mom still keeps smoking, even though I’ve tried pretty much anything. I believe smoking does indeed have to do something with the loss of purpose.

Even despite me knowing that these words will unlikely persuade anyone, I still want to do it, because it helps me to arrange my thoughts about this topic which has been hurting me. That’s why I am hoping that finally processing this will help me in the process of healing, and who knows since I am sharing it with the internet, maybe someone will find some healing powers from it too.

Smoking is hurting us collectively because…

…It pollutes the air, second hand smoking is really big problem. Come on its’ smoke! Humans are supposed to run on oxygen.

…Nicotine filled filters are really bad for the environment. For some reason also people who smoke become quite ignorant about where to throw the filters after smoking thus littering the environment.

…The smell is strong and persistent making it quite uncomfortable to be in the crowd of smokers.

…It alters moods on individual level. People who are craving for the smoke are taking more risks in order to satisfy the urges.

…People who smoke put their health at risk. In Finland there is a public healthcare sector, which then has to deal with these people with tax payer money. And it’s not only long term diseases, pretty much regular flu is more persistent on smokers.

…Smoking inside cars, houses causes the toxins of the smoke remain there for a long time and thus harming people.

Well yeah, this is as much as I can come up with now. Mostly in these days I associate smoking with low culture, decadent behavior, I just don’t see it serving any bigger purpose and getting a bit of pleasure and wasting a huge potential. Remember this comes from a guy who has been puffing up a lots of cigarettes.

When I was smoking, I guess it was mostly about being rebel, right and getting some good vibes. However, little did I know that its’ possible to build the life in a way that its’ possible to get those good vibes almost all the time, without smoking anything!

If you’ve any questions regarding to my experience or anything, feel free to comment below or send me direct email jhapiiroinen ät gmail dot com.

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