16 Useful Habits


Image credits: Daniel Ramirez from Honolulu, USA / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

Because I want to serve better, I’ve to figure out ways to perform better. I thought it might be useful to compile a short list of so far my most useful habits. These are based purely on my personal opinion and subjective experience.

  1. Journaling, because of ease, flexibility and future reference
  2. Mediation, source of gratefulness, gratitude as well as biological basic of winning and chipping away the duality
  3. Forgiveness, only way to get ahead – very closely related with the non-attachment
  4. Courage, action despite of fear is useful thing. So long as we can do something despite of fear, fear will wither away bit by bit, because action creates a connection and connection makes us stronger.
  5. Non-violence.
  6. Regular meals & fixed diet. I spend pretty much zero energy on thinking about food, because I prepare everything before I get hungry. I’ve insanely fast metabolism, so I need to have regular meals.
  7. Awesome sleep & jumping up. I mean if its morning, how about just wake up?
  8. Power naps, they really make the difference. My favorite time is on bus on the way home, I feel like getting three hours worth sleep during 20mins.
  9. Positive self-talk, pat yourself on the back for job well done.
  10. Obsessive note taking, seriously write those ideas down when they occur to you!
  11. Reading, well the article about why we need to read more pretty much sums this up.
  12. Sharing we do not share enough! In fact I still suck at this, but thanks to the internet I am getting better at it.
  13. Believe or not joy can be habit, sort of. I’ve had a positive transform
    ation, touch of something godly, as I’ve learned to smile and be joyful. I don’t know how this exactly happened, but apparently I’ve been touched by many enough wonderful people recently who have given me the gift of joy. Thanks to them I’ll get to share this gift with many as well!
  14. This kinds of basic things are the basics of confidence, get them right! It also affects to that how others view us, and therefore that reflects backs to us. Just get the basics right.
  15. Body language. Connected to posture as well, however totally different. Just be aware of what kind of messages you are communicating.
  16. Asking the stupid questions. Most of the time people are too afraid to fail, its totally worth to ask the questions nobody is asking, because that way you’ll learn a lot faster. It’s impossible to stay up to date with all the world’s trends anyway and thus act cool.

What are your useful habits?



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