Use Kindfulness to Create More Positive Energy

Few months ago I picked up the kindfulness concept from Ajahn Brahn, who has written book about it. In addition he has bunch of wonderful Youtube lectures.

Kindfulness is a significant concept, because everything grand starts with little acts, little acts of kindness in daily life. Kindness combined with mindfulness, creates the most wonderful human experience. Experience filled with understanding and mending, something that opens up possibilities and ties us all closer together.

We as humans are all are interconnected in all kinds of social as well as natural ways. Kindfulness has really positive impact on these connections.

However, then there is the question: how? Starting with small actions is one way, as I already mentioned. However, how to create a positive spiral out of this? As a biological system, our conscious power is limited and we’ve already a lot of stuff on running on our own operating systems. So what is the one thing, we can influence to rest of our biological systems, to increase the odds of our success? Breathing.

Breathing is the foundation of our biological success, as it is the only way we can consciously influence the unconscious. Everything starts with breathing. So learning to breathe is a really worthwhile action to take.

If breathing is what we can do, we can also stop doing, thinking. This is called meditation, which is a noun. Meditation is not action, so it’s just being. Meditation chips away the duality and gets us closer to oneness and therefore also kindfulness.

Kindfulness is about sharing the positive energy and thus creating positive expanding spirals of energy. It’s amazing how much enthusiasm and positive energy alone can do.

Reason why I am talking about the biological basis of succeeding, was because we need to succeed when we we meet other people in order to transfer the positive energy. It is the two minute rule to, that most intense energy will win out and then rule (Achor S., 2010). For all people, I hope most of the time the positive emotions will win out and we will create a lot of kindful expansive spirals.

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