Creativity, Productivity and Results

Yiy  are CreativeAs I’ve proceeded in my quest of reading more and more, I’ve grown more curious. I feel like my curiosity is quite insatiable at this pace of reading. As a solution I’ve channeled to curiosity as energy read at every available moment.

There are still greater forces I’ve began to uncover as my quest of reading has proceeded. It is the power of creativity, power of an artist. Most recently this very morning as I read the Seth Godin’s Linchpin. This book I’ve been desiring to read for a while and as I opened it – it already exceeded my expectations. Now I am at about halfway and it has already triggered the next big thing I want to read: The Gift by Lewis Hyde. Seth Godin however does too open up the creative process and especially that which stops us from being creative: our lizard brain. The thought is very powerful and one to which I can relate to very well.

I’ve been struggling to let my inner daemon express and on the other hand, letting the lizard brain win. Essentially now that I’ve found some clues for building up context through which I can start doing more. Actually even the rough basics of this knowledge already unlock a lot in me.

I admire artists such as Tove Jansson or Pablo Picasso who have had tremendous productivity or work ethic. Productivity is the ability to do the right things, which is the work of art, >doing the right things>. In art however, just by doing, you’ll end up doing forever. For this Seth Godin brings important point of Shipping. Shipping requires having some sort of deadline and then the work of art. When you are doing the right things, the results will follow. Results are never greater than the doing.

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