Learning Breakthrough

ColorsGreat thing about people is that you can learn a lot from anyone. Although this learning often requires exposure to the thing you are about to have an insight over and over again, eventually it will happen.

Personally I am trying to arrange such breakthroughs consciously by exposing myself to the ideas repeatedly and through different kinds of mediums, situations and people. This is not rocket science. There are reasons why it is encouraged to revisit your notes after a lecture. Learning has to be reinforced after a while, and the more often you do it the better those memories are gonna stick. Jari Sarasvuo says that we don’t learn anything worthwhile on the first time (and he probably has picked it off somewhere else).

It’s very rewarding when the breakthroughs happen. Today I had a such a breakthrough that clearly has resulted from these positive and hoped influences. It’s quite simple I realized that at the moment there I am simply not doing enough iterations.

There are plenty of excuses for not doing those, however I am gonna save you from those. My choice of doing is at the moment writing, so doing iterate means to simply write. And how to make sure I am doing that important thing: simply ask have I written today?

Questions like these are really powerful for leading myself, and you are free to use this innovation too! Figure out what is the thing you want to do more on weekly and daily basis and ask yourself have you done it?

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