Discovered the Right Style

Thinking back, after writing hundreds of blog posts etc. in my previous blog and having little satisfaction out of it. Written communication is not and probably ever will be more core skill. However, still practice in this domain could be useful when combined with some of my core strengths.

Yesterday I got serious spark to really get more feedback about my strengths. I came to that conclusion, because I did not really know much about my strengths. My awareness of my stregnths relied on introspection, experience and feedback from my life so far.

I think especially the feedback is great most of the cases and it works well. However it could be possible for example in your work you are not utlizing all your strengths at all, so it’s possible that some of the strengths would remain hidden.

Still, I thought that there had to be more to this than that. I ended up finding Gallup’s Strengthfinder 2.0. I’ve stumbled on this before, however I guess now the time was ready so I gave it a go. 34 strengths revealed.

My actions at this point are in line and motivated as well by my earlier discoveries, especiallly in the Happiness Advantage book. Positive psychology takes what works and thinks how to apply that to others aspects as well. So I did know, and now I decided to act upon, on the knowledge that we may have some strengths that are stronger than others.

What I had was a few ideas what my strengths could be. For example I had gotten feedback during my studies that I’ve analytical approach or I’ve noticed that during my work I seek input from others. However, what I lacked was a systematic way in which these strengths are all listed in relation to each other.

Gallup’s Strengthfinder has set out 40 years ago to do that. Now that I’ve spent today on looking at the results and thinking how to apply to those into my life, I feel like a click has happened inside my head. The list of 34 strengths I went through and then further split the strengths into major, supportive and inferior strengths. I think it is this split that makes the difference, that I did not have it before.

I’ve spent a lot of my time, trying to leverage supportive strengths, even though I would have strengths that I’ve real talent in – real raw potential. So now what’s gonna happen is the focus of finding ways to develop the potential to its fullest.

To the end I gotta say that there were no major surprises in my major strengths, however for two out of six I did not really have a name. So at a intuitive level, I knew of their existence, however I couldn’t use it as a toolset yet.

My strengths go like this: connectedness, inetellection, strategic, learner and relator. Essentially I enjoy spending a lots of time on my own thinking and while I am not doing that I love to connect with people and work towards common greater purpose.

Now that I’ve finally realized that, I can discover the right style to develop this tendency further. For example, my habit and hobby of writing supports these skills quite well, however I shouldn’t focus too much on writing, because communication is in my strengths as number 33… It would probably make more sense to use writing as a way to clarify things for myself and write down ideas, but when it comes to communicating messages there are probably a lots of better people than me.

Interesting journey is about to unfold with these realizations.

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