Do What You Can and Do It

As a backstory, I’ve rarely a great idea what to write about and yet I am trying to adopt the identity of blogger. They say, professionalism is an attitude, it’s a choice. I’ll try to take that choice as often as I’ve chance, which means daily. I’ve decided to write every day. Most of the days I manage to scribble something awful that makes it over my hilariously low publishing bar.

So what can I do about it? I can actually learn and most effective way to learn is to write and read a lot. Essentially my whole blog is work in progress. Maybe even that’s so funny catchphrase that I should adopt it as my site slogan “living a mindful life (in progress)” 😀

In work as in life, we’ve control over limited things. There are things that we cannot control at all, then there are things we can influence, and lastly there are things we can do.

Quite simple. Within our power then again is a lots of things, so we have to decide out of those few things what we have time to do and then do it. For me, it has been for several years now that I’ve wanted to learn to write and to write more. At some points of my life, I’ve succeeded better than others. However it has not been until now recently that I’ve decided to make the real decision to have no other choice than pursue this format of expression.

I actually want to combine writing with some kind of video thing in the future. For now, my highest importance is to produce this content that might become the fertilizer or the fertile ground for the actual fruit garden. Hopefully!

So do what you can do and do it. Fall in love with it and you will become virtuous in it!

P.S. Today I learned about a Chicago Bulls games, where Michael Jordan missed 9 of the shots he took and as he glanced at the coach, who then signaled to keep shooting. He scored apparently over 40 pts in that game.

I am quite big Michael Jordan fan in the sense and his quotes have a lot to do with failure. However this example also shows that many people have to do with the success of one. We should believe in the thing we are doing.

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