Applying the Growth Mindset

Year ago, around this time, I was putting together my thesis. Core realization for that work, that I had been studying and looking for a long time came finally in the form of Carol Dwecks TED talk, and then of course in the book: growth mindset.

A bit more than a year ago, I was absolutely excited about this idea, because it resonated so deeply with my own values.

Today I’ve been reminded by similar ideas by the Happiness Advantage book, which I absolutely love so far. Growth Mindset was also mentioned there. Now I am trying to recall what kinds of thing I learned and how successfully I’ve applied that thinking into my life.

Praise the effort

Thanks to that book, I’ve tried focused my praise for the effort, both internally and externally. It has been way more challenging that I thought it would be both internally and externally.

Internally because of the old thinking models, it wasn’t actually until a few months back that when I heard the same thing in a bit more inspiring story format, that began to focus my internal praising towards efforts. I originally heard this in Finnish, but with my freeform translation it goes like this: “Nobody can know, how many fruit gardens one seed bears. Judge the day by the seeds planted and tended, instead of the fruits collected”. That kind of farmer frame of mind contained the same idea, in more entertaining and more memorable format after that I’ve begun to measure more about the amounts of seeds I’ve planted, the effort I’ve taken. It is way more better predictor of future success than the actual fruits in the presents.

Externally focusing to the efforts have been more challenging. I’ve capitalized the opportunities I’ve had, however it’s surprisingly difficult to encourage the effort. In last week I feel like I discovered some tools that work: measuring both the effort and the results, I feel like this is the combination that does the trick.

Focus to the Positive

Child f the positive psychology is the thought that we’ve conscious control over our mindset. Maybe not all of the time, yet most of the time we’ve the power to start viewing our life differently. It’s really world changing thing and we’ve conscious power over it. Our whole experience of the life will change with the mindset, so be careful. Life is wonderful opportunity to benefit many people as possible –  give a definition to your life that empowers you!

Most of the time I’ve worked, I’ve viewed is as an wonderful opportunity to develop my skills. I have had a days when I’ve had trouble seeing it. However I fixed that by posting some inspirational quotes on my walls that help me to prime my mind towards the right mindset.

Wish for strength to overcome the challenges!

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