More Fun, More Quality

Social media can easily take up a lots of time from the day. For me, personally the thing about Twitter and Facebook are that, I am not able to track the time properly. I think social media is convenient, however mostly its just information that is not critical in the present.

I am not trying to rely now on any productivity apps to decrease their use. Instead I’ll encourage to shift the focus to the advantages of spending that little time doing something high quality thing like reading an actual book instead of refreshing news, or sketching a cartoon instead of endlessly consuming the funny cat videos.

Overall I’ve begun to value creativity. Big idea comes from Pablo Picasso, to let inspiration have a chance. Without giving it a chance, it rarely likely to happen. Many other artists have been known for their great productivity and work ethic as well like Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomin or Leonardo Da Vinci, genius.

In order to be more productive I’ve started to design my life around achievable goals, action and a bit more merciful attitude.

  • Achievable goals are must, but you also need to be able to track how well you are progressing. Check out the SMART goals –principle if you are not familiar with that, it’s great guideline.
  • Action of course is the movement and foundation towards the thing. You should make the decisions when you posses the most clarity and you shouldn’t then start to negotiate with yourself about that decision in the morning.
  • Mercy, important concept. We are often times too harsh towards ourselves. A bit mercy, especially when you’ve tried goes long way. Really great TED talk about the emotional hygiene, forgiveness by Guy Winch.

By implementinHappiness Advantageg this kind of thinking more into my life past few months, I’ve managed to turn the feeling of purpose up notch, I feel happy with the life I am living and the incrimental progress. No need to suffer no longer about the things I could be or should be doing, I can enjoy the present life. Happiness in the present also seems to bring great results according to the ’Happiness Advantage’ book by Shawn Achor I just picked up yesterday.

I love it. Orange cover ftw! I recommend the book as well.

In essence, once we are on track to focus the more essential living the life we want to live and we are getting results. It’s fun!


2 thoughts on “More Fun, More Quality

  1. Very true!

    I love social media because I can participate in conversations I wouldn’t be able to have “in real life” and also I like how fast information spreads for example in Twitter. In horrifying November 2015 Paris Attacks Twitter showed how fast the information traveled 2) very much of sympathy and compassion during the first 12 hours (before it went ugly) and it was amazing to witness how world united.

    However, yes it takes a ton of my time if I start doing it “properly”, usually I rather read and I wish other people would read more as well in stead of watching cat videos

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    1. Thank you for your comment Anastasia. Glad to hear you are wired to read books above all, usually a published book has gone through many more filters, which makes it much more refined content.

      To catch on your point about the social media, indeed it has already started to change the way people organize around the task to be accomplished, whatever that is crisis relief or traditional work. As more and more people are joining to the social network with different sense of right and wrong, we are still looking the limitations of it.

      Interesting connecting thought to the both of these points just occurred to me, which might be interesting to you as well. As I just finished Robert Cialdini’s book Influence, and there was an interesting thought about automaticity ( or ‘automatic responses’:
      • The social media responses to sudden changes and the fact that sometimes our quick and automatic response can lead us astray. Social media provides social proof, so if many people are liking or sharing something, it can become automatically accepted truth without much facts.
      • Another thing is that how the automatic response to things shape our everyday experience, what we choose to do or not. Something very good to be aware of, because through conscious effort, we can change our automatic responses.

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