We All Have Power – Let’s Use it in Virtuous Manner

All human interactions have to do with power, especially the social power. Social power is influence towards other people, ability to get things done through others. Social power is gained and used through interactions. However, even if we are relatively powerful to the other, it is our test as human to treat well those who are weaker than us. Only good things come from virtuous and right action.

Power has some negative connotation, it’s not really publicly desire power. With power comes always the responsibility after all. Yet we all have power and yes we’ve responsibility. Our lives are the sum of these power habits. Yesterday I realize that most of our lives are the result of how do we use our power. For example, number of unwanted magazine subscriptions reflects our habit of saying yes.

If we end up having too many all kinds of subscription that we do not need, or want, there is something probably abusing our power. For example Robert Cialdini mentions in the book Influence about the automatic responses that we all have to the requests.

Another side of the coin to the automatic responses is the habit of declining. I work in B2B telemarketing, and past year, I’ve got rejected hundreds of times. Some of these rejections are purely automatic responses. In this side of the coin, recipient might lose an opportunity.

We’ve the power, let’s not shame it. Let’s use it for virtuous action instead. For example those magazines that you do not read can be donated, or even better quit the subscription and use the money wisely.


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