From Laziness to Freedom for Virtous Action

Image credits: iashagirl
Image credits: iashagirl

After my graduation last year, I’ve spent considerable amount of time studying, mainly reading and doing desktop research about human nature. I’ve had the guilt of freedom, so I’ve been thinking about laziness too. Am I lazy?

In Buddhism the there is term Kausīdya, that is is often translated as laziness.

Kausīdya means mostly about unwholesome action and not doing the virtuous deeds if you have the opportunity. So what is interesting is that the opposite of Kausīdya is then Viriya, or virtuous action.

So in this sense, I have no need to feel this guilt. There are just some social narratives from my earlier life running in my head and telling to work in stupid ways and suffer.

Freedom is great, even though it can be harmful as well if we fall the the trap of the laziness. When we’ve freedom we should pair it with responsibility as Victor Frankl said in Man’s Search for Meaning. Albert Einstein has interesting thoughts about freedom too: “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” —Address at the commencement of Swarthmore College, 1938.

Essentially when freedom is paired with responsibility for virtuous actions for others, then it’s a great thing!

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