What’s Our Potential in Social Era?

YouTube_logoYesterday I learned about the Pewdiepie and his popularity online. It’s huge. I studied a bit him in Wikipedia and he seems like really likeble and genuine personality who is operating the kind of social cause through what he does best. Big thumbs up.

Then I researched a bit about the other Youtube stars, if you wanna follow the same path this is good place to start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG0hh2b3Ejw. To me only other known ones were Vsauce and Ryan Higa.

Youtube as a media is really exciting to me now, because it seems that there is so much potential! It looks like int he social era the genuine and persistent people get a lots of freedom in return for their initial courage. Common denominator seems to be the desire to share and help, as well as the enjoying the process of whatever they are doing.

At this point I gotta say that past ten years my mind has changed quite radically. I guess thats a good thing, because it shows that I’ve been learning something. I admit that I am really excited about the Youtube as a channel of expression. Actual potential manifests after creation, before that try to apply the intent of creation towards the above mentioned virtues: doing something you enjoy doing and sharing that to help others.

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