Natural Means to Prime the Mood

I’ve been trying to figure ousmileyt more and more everyday natural actions to improve my mood. By natural I mean mostly about foods and drink that are not classified as drugs. So, I am determined to live without alcohol or nictoine. I am limiting my caffeine intake as well: during regular day I don’t even consume any. On some occasions I might have a cup to get better focus at writing or in a social occasion. On everyday life I’ve routines that do not involve caffeine. Same goes for sugar: in my everyday life I avoid sugary things. On special occasions I can certainly have a slice of cake or an ice-cream, those are not just in my everyday habits.

However, I’ve experience with all the mentioned above: alcohol, nictoine and caffeine in the form of tea and coffee. I’ve had these as habits. First hand experience has proved it to me thought, that they are not habits worth having. Now I’ve been not smoking in eight years, or drinking caffeine either in eight years. Without tea I’ve been now a month. Sugar habit I’ve quit even earlier than that, although at some point I’ve allowed myself to have more than at other phases of my life.

The decisions for me have been easy, because they’ve been motivated by two powerful purposes: one is curiosity and other is health. Curiosity has sparked the questions that has driven me to push myself further: can I live without this and what would the life be without this? Also curioisity has motivated me to look a lot deeper into my habits, what could be done differently. Health has been important motivation as well, especially dental health in all above mentioned categories. Anyone who consumes up a lots of sugar knows its not really a good for teeth, nor is a lots of coffee or tea either: they stain teeth a lot, which then in turn hurt self-esteem as well.

Living without these substances is relatively easy, mostly I think because of these two powerful and personal motivators. However, there is a still quite a big challenge that comes without living this. How to elevate the mood without relying on these kinds of substances, such as a cup of tea or coffee?

Well, for me great feeling starts from inside: having the best possible life that I could ask for at the moment. However, I still very much leverage the additional things that help me feel great about the day. I guess posture, breathing and smile are the prime things. You can learn more about the research behind this in the TED talk by Amy Cuddy.

Human experience is so deeply connected to emotions. We can consciously prime our emotions to be more positive though. It’s even important to do, because we will then in turn reflect our emotions to the others, and we wouldn’t want others to feel bad because of us.

That’s why we need to be our own lives CEO, chief emotional officer. It’s term that I first heard when Eric Edmeades held Business Freedom workshop in Helsinki, so I am not the first one to come up with it. It’s great memory rule to describe that a leaders must be a positive emotional influence. We are all leaders after all.

Other things that I use to prime my own feeling are exercise, rest, great warm meals and drinks combined with socializing is the best.

If you’ve any more ideas about how naturally to prime the mind please drop me a message in the comment box below!

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