See For Yourself

.Image credits: Kenny Louie.Image credits: Kenny Louie

We all make big decisions really big decisions in life with little information. Even if we have information only few of us have actually studied decision making in anyway. Neither have I that much. I’ve browsed a book or two, but that hardly is much as I did not put my mind fully into studying those concepts.

There is one decision I am really proud of in my life. It’s to take on my current work, even against a lots of prejudice that existed mostly in my head at the time. Even my peers or my family wouldn’t have had much better mental image. Yet thankfully there was a pivotal moment, where I choose to see for myself despite everything.

Alone that experience wouldn’t have been enough; but as I had made some connections on the way who I quite admired I was ready to take the leap and take their advise instead of the ’usual’. We can hardly expect to raise our level by always listening to the same folks in our lives. We need to see for ourselves and look for additional sources of information as well, and after that make the best decision we can.

After the initial decision to work, I’ve had to make that commitment many times over. It hasn’t ever been easy, however I’ve loved it. The current terms of employment allow me to create the life I want, which was way more sooner than I thought possible thanks to the awesome employer.

Challenge the existing prejudice, don’t take the word of anyone for anything until you’ve seen for yourself.

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